Tiverton, Ontario Canada

Located on Highway 21 just 12 kilometers Nortd of town of Kincardine.

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Truck Pull Results (2016)

Farm tractor 11500lb
1st Brian Ribey- Paisley 326.32 ft
2nd Glen McGillivray-Paisley 306.21 ft
3rd Lloyd McGillivray-Paisley 298.33 ft

Farm tractor 10500lb
1st Lloyd McGillivray-Paisley 290.89 ft
2nd Glen McGillivray-Paisley 287.93 ft
3rd Brian Ribey-Paisley 268.69 ft

4 Wheel Drive Gas Division
1st Ethan O’Neil-Wingham 306.72 ft
2nd Neil Allsop-Arthur 304.12 ft
3rd Chris Bonnett-Paisley 303.57 ft

4 Wheel Drive Diesel Division
1st Matt Benniger-Chepstow 330.47 ft
2nd Josh Bailey-Keswick 320.01 ft
3rd Dan Kelly-Teeswater 310.78 ft

Open Diesel Division
1st Braydon Ottewell-Markdale 347.94 ft
2nd Phil Baumlisberger-GrandValley 340.89 ft
3rd Dwight Riley-Teeswater 331.18 ft

King of the Pull
1st Braydon Ottewell-Markdale 338.77 ft
2nd Dustin Riley-Teeswater 321.85 ft
3rd Josh Bailey-Keswick 319.88 ft